ExhibiTions as Curator or Co-Curator


Ursprung in der Südsee

Trilogy of exhibitions at:

State Museum for Ethnology, Munich

IWALEWA Haus, Bayreuth

South Seas Collection, Obergünzburg

This collaborative exhibition project introduces the kastom movement and the spectacular art of landdiving among the Sa in Pentecost, Vanuatu.

Organized and funded by:

Forum deutsch-pazifischer Begegnungen e.V.

Curated by Thorolf Lipp & Martina Kleinert

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Indigo dying in Nigeria.

Grassi Museum of Ethnography, Leipzig
Curated by: Daniela Wolf

Photographs: Thorolf Lipp


Textile Art in Germany, India, Japan, Nigeria,

Senegal and Thailand.

IWALEWA Haus, Bayreuth

Curated by: Juliy Loytved with Thorolf Lipp (Nigeria, Senegal)


Sayed Armin Fayed

TMT Galerie, Bayreuth

Curated by Thorolf Lipp


Georgina Beier und Jimmy Pike

TMT Galerie, Bayreuth

Curated by Thorolf Lipp










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